About Us

Conceived by the award-winning creative team of Island Temptations magazine, When in Aruba is a content-rich exploration of Aruba, offering readers a very local, organic perspective of the most distinctive island in the Caribbean. Our rich melting pot of more than 90 nationalities offers unending narratives to share with both our local community and readers around the world. Local writers, photographers, and videographers will be creating content on a weekly basis, sharing Aruba’s events as they unfold, as well as featuring the stories of talented artists, musicians, athletes, culinary personalities, and the island’s warm, friendly hospitality, all told through authentic voices.

Contributors to When in Aruba

While our contributors work together as a team to describe the endless things to do, taste, see, and experience When in Aruba, each one brings their own unique voice to the table, promising fresh perspectives and insights on every page. Furthermore, each contributor lives, works, and plays on the island, so readers are guaranteed to discover the real Aruba, which of course includes its gorgeous beaches, but also its hidden hang-outs, its unique cultural offerings, and the intriguing personalities that call the island home.

Want to be a contributor?

We’re always looking for fresh voices! If you’re interested in being a part of the When in Aruba team, send an email to [email protected].

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