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A Wave of Memories

Everyone wants that special reminder of their time in Aruba, where the sun always shines and the crystal-clear waves gently lap at the shoreline. What could be more fitting than a gorgeous timeless pendant with a patented Caribbean wave design?

Kay’s Fine Jewelry is proud to launch its new Caribbean Wave Collection. The pendants in the collection feature a center stone that dazzles with every move, creating the effect of the perfect wave breaking on shore. The size of the center stone ranges from .10 carat to 1.00 carat, and the stone itself comes as a blue diamond, fancy brown diamond, or white diamond. A pendant can also be custom-made with a black diamond stone or any other gemstone. As part of the Caribbean Wave Collection, each pendant is stamped with a trademarked logo, reflecting its authenticity.

Kay’s Fine Jewelry specifically created each Caribbean Wave pendant as a signature piece to be worn by guests who adore Aruba and want a small piece of the Caribbean close to their hearts, even when they are far away. It’s a truly beautiful memento of all the beautiful experiences enjoyed on one very special island.

For more information and a gallery of the Caribbean Wave Collection, please visit Kay’s website.