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ALEX AND ANI Is Serving Up the Tropics!

By Debbie Kunder

What is it about Caribbean vacations that make them so special and unforgettable? The turquoise blue water, the blonde beaches, sunny skies, soothing trade winds, the laid-back vibe, the sizzling nightlife, world-class cuisine, and the warm, inviting people? Of course, they all do. But let’s not forget those refreshing tropical drinks that always seem to go down so well during Caribbean vacations while lounging on the beach or hanging at your favorite beach bar. Whether it’s a piña colada or an Aruba Ariba, a tropical cocktail is the quintessential symbol of the Caribbean.

Which is why the ALEX AND ANI store in the high-rise hotel area of Palm Beach, Aruba, is now offering a limited-edition Caribbean Tropical Drink bangle set.

The first edition of the beach bangle collection, “Life’s a Beach,” came out several months ago, and now the store is proudly launching the second edition of the collection. The Caribbean Tropical Drink bangle set, beautifully designed with the relaxed Caribbean vibe in mind, is the perfect reminder of your Caribbean vacation and all the magical moments experienced during your stay. The bangle set will bring you back to the Caribbean, time and time again, no matter where you are.

The new Caribbean Tropical Drink bangle set, only $98, is available exclusively at ALEX AND ANI stores in Aruba, Nassau, St.Maarten, and St.Thomas. Those who’d like the set shipped can send an email to [email protected], and if you mention WHENINARUBA, shipping charges will be waived.

So, what’ll it be? ALEX AND ANI is ready to serve up something fruity and fun!

Alex and Ani Aruba