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Aruba Aloe Balm Transitions to Royal Aruba Aloe

Royal Aruba Aloe

Earlier this month, in the presence of Aruba’s governor, ministers, and special guests, Aruba Aloe Balm revealed its new logo and name: Royal Aruba Aloe, with a crown insignia added to the brand’s logo.

This change in imagery is in honor of the Royal Decree that the company recently received from the Governor of Aruba, his excellency Mr. Alfonso Boekhoudt, belonging to the Royal predicate bestowed by his majesty King Willem-Alexander presented on April 22, 2021. Aruba Aloe Balm now becomes the very first company in the Caribbean within the Dutch Kingdom to receive such a distinction, which symbolizes the respect, admiration, and trust that the King has for the company.

Royal Aruba Aloe

For a company to receive an honor such as this, one of the required conditions is to have national relevance and to be at least 100 years in existence.  In 1890, Cornelis Eman started the Aloe Vera business, after which Keesi Eman, Jani Eman, and finally Henny Eman continued the legacy. The Eman family directed the company for 110 years, transforming it from a commercial company into a venture that sells personal-care products utilizing 100% pure gel from the aloe vera plant harvested by Aruban farmers.

In the year 2000, Louis A. Posner took charge of the company for Henny Eman, investing in developing the company at an international level while also expanding its footprint locally. In 2014, Onno Jr. van Romondt joined the company as the second shareholder, and together they continued expanding Aruba Aloe. Currently, Aruba Aloe has 17 stores on the island, and products made in the local  Aruba factory are exported to more than 55 countries around the world.

With this Royal title, Royal Aruba Aloe is now part of a significant group of companies who share this Royal honor, including Shell, KLM, KPN, and Royal Shiphol Group, among others.   “It is an honor to be standing next to these great companies; we want to show that Aruba Aloe, coming from a small island, proves how we can also have businesses which operate globally, Posner informs.   “Back when I took charge of the company in 2000, I described it in the following manner: ‘What Coca-Cola is to America and Heineken is to the Netherlands, this is what Aruba Aloe will become for Aruba,’” he added.

General Director Remko van der Veldt concluded, “As of now, we are no longer Aruba Aloe, we are ‘Royal Aruba Aloe’, a proud Aruban company. This achievement is surely an honor for our industry, our history, our economy, and for Aruba. We are thankful to everybody who helped make this a reality, and surely we thank the entire island of Aruba for believing in us.”

Royal Aruba Aloe