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Aruba Exclusive Pendant at Kay’s Fine Jewelry

Text by Debbie Kunder

Aruba’s divi divi tree, locally known as the watapana, has earned a special place in the hearts of many island visitors. There’s something so exotic and memorable about this tree that has become famous for its impressive contortionist act, with Aruba’s strong trade winds coaxing it to bend as much as 90 degrees. These winds also cause the divi divi to invariably point in the southwesterly direction—the effect seen most prominently in trees along the coast or along unprotected mountain ridges—making the divi a natural compass. In fact, it’s often said that if you ever get lost in Aruba, just find a divi tree, which will graciously point you back in the direction of the hotels.

divi divi tree Aruba

Native to Aruba, the divi divi also has historical economic significance to the island. An up-close inspection of the tree reveals curled pods that contain tannin, a substance used to tan animal hides. The tannin was harvested from the pods and exported from Aruba in the 19th century to tanneries in Holland.

Yet, it’s the striking beauty of the divi divi and the intrigue of all its unexpected twists and turns that deem it a worthy symbol of Aruba, which is why Kay’s Fine Jewelry embraced the beloved tree as the design for its Aruba Exclusive Pendant. The pendant, which comes with an extendable silver chain, features a custom-designed sterling silver divi tree that cradles a dazzling cubic zirconia gemstone in its center.

Tesh Chugani, director of sales and strategy for Kay’s Fine Jewelry, explains, “The inspiration behind the pendant was to create something for those who love Aruba to wear—a real keepsake to remind them of the happy moments on our One Happy Island. We used a cubic zirconia center stone, which dances to enhance the sparkle, to keep the pendant affordable so everyone can enjoy it.”

divi divi pendant Kay's Fine Jewelry Aruba

Kay’s Fine Jewelry was founded by Tesh’s father in 1989, and over the years, Tesh has witnessed firsthand how dear Aruba is to the island guests who choose to vacation here year after year. In fact, many of these island visitors consider Aruba their second home. The Aruba Exclusive Pendant is a way to keep their beloved island close to their hearts all year round. As Tesh says, “Take Aruba home with you!”

The pendant was launched nine months ago, and Kay’s will have it in production until the end of this year. The cost of the pendant and chain is $79. Those not on the island can order it via email at [email protected]. If you use the promo code “wheninaruba” when ordering, the shipping cost will be waived.