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Aruba Nos Orguyo…You’re Invited!

Text by Debbie Kunder

On March 18, locals celebrate Flag & Anthem Day with a variety of island activities highlighting national pride. My favorite activity hands-down is Aruba Aloe’s “Aruba Nos Orguyo” event, which takes place at the company’s Factory, Museum, and Store in Hato. From 9 am to 5 pm, attendees can enjoy a wide range of activities, live music by local bands, local food & beverages, and three exciting in-store promotions.

Jessica Posner, marketing manager for Aruba Aloe, explains, “Each year, we try to add new fun activities that remind people how significant Aloe cultivation has been, and still is, in defining Aruba’s unique identity.” General activities will include planting your own Aloe and decorating your planter under the guidance of a local artist, printing your own tee shirt, and enjoying some photo booth fun.

Aruba Aloe community event

Or join one of the free Factory & Museum Tours, which highlight the history of Aloe cultivation on Aruba and unveil the entire manufacturing process. Kids can enjoy various games, a fun train ride around the adjoining Aloe field, face & hand painting, and the chance to create their own Aloe slime.

Aruba Aloe Aruba Nos Orguyo
Aruba Aloe

Several local bands will ensure a festive atmosphere by providing live music throughout the day, including Sodo y Cuero (9:30 – 11:30 am), Rincon Boyz (12 – 2 pm), and D’licious (2:30 – 4:30 pm). While guests enjoy the music of these talented musicians, they can partake in fresh Aloe smoothies and typical local dishes, snacks, sweet treats, and beverages.

Aruban food and drink

And then there’s the reason why I love this event so much. As part of the celebration, Aruba Aloe will launch three special promotions in its Hato store. First, all shoppers will be eligible to win prizes (including a cruise for two); second, all purchases made before 11 am will be accompanied by a free Aruba Aloe shopping bag; and third, all prices, normally in dollars, will be in Aruban florins. You saw that right…dollars to florins on all Aruba Aloe products!

Aruba Aloe products

Naturally, I use this day to stock up on all my favorite Aruba Aloe products, including their soap bars, Ultra Intensive Aloe Cream, the new Mineral Sunscreen, and Luxe Foot Crème. Thank you, Aruba Aloe!

Make sure to make “Aruba Nos Orguyo” part of your family’s Flag & Anthem Day. I hope to see you there!

Aruba Aloe