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Aruba Proudly Introduces 16 Official Protected Nature Reserves

wild goats roaming the Aruban countryside - Arikok National Park Aruba

In May of 2020, the Minister of Territorial Development, Infrastructure and Environment, Marisol Lopez – Tromp, announced the official decree of protection for 16 carefully identified nature reserves on Aruba.  The official decree was the result of an extensive years-long process of evaluation and research, identifying crucial areas of environmental importance derived from valuable input from the Aruba Birdlife Conservation(ABC).

Roseate Spoonbill, one of the many birds that live in Aruba
Roseate Spoonbill

The following areas are now protected:

California Dunes

SaliñaTierra del Sol

Saliña Malmok/ Saliña Serka

Saliña Palm Beach/Plas The Mill Resort

Bubali Plas

Sero Teishi

Ramsar area: Spanish Lagoon Mangel Halto

Rooi Bringamosa

Rooi Taki

Red Manoonchi

Rifislands Oranjestad

California Dunes Aruba