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Boardwalk Project Breaks Ground in Malmok

By Rona Coster

The minister of tourism climbed into the glass cabin of an excavator and symbolically scratched the impossibly hard and compact Malmok topography, signifying the beginning of the boardwalk project.

Originally, the ministry in collaboration with DOW, Aruba’s department of public works, presented a somewhat elaborate plan for the Malmok area. Not agreeable to these plans, the neighborhood association Preserva Malmok brought its concerns forward. The plan was then downscaled and modified in order to accommodate the neighborhood’s wishes to enhance safety in Malmok while minimizing development.

Mlmok Aruba boardwalk
Malmok Aruba boardwalk

Preserva Malmok wishes to keep the area just the way it is—low key, with people bringing their own chairs to the beach, no kiosks, no services. The area requires no beautification—it is already gorgeous. It could simply use a bit of protection from litter and misuse.

A local company, Thiel Corp., will be building the boardwalk, and the neighborhood is hopeful it will tread carefully and deliver protection to turtles and the limestone shelf while preserving the unique laid-back flavor of the neighborhood.

Aruba Malmok boardwalk