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Aruba’s Calendar of Events

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January 5 – March 3

Aruba Carnaval Season

Aruba’s Carnaval season is the biggest and longest celebration of the year, spanning two whole months.  The season is marked by day and night parades, music contests, queen elections, and jump-ups, all powered by beloved Carnaval tunes and featuring extravagant costumes.  Locals encourage island guests to share in the Carnaval spirit.  Go here for a full Carnaval schedule. See below for most popular Carnaval events.

Aruba Carnival dancers


February 2

Carnaval Grand Tumba Contest

Carnaval Harbour Arena, Oranjestad

Originally from Africa, tumba music played during the Carnaval season in Aruba has a particular Caribbean flavor. The Grand Tumba Contest features local bands and singers competing for the Tumba King or Queen title with their original compositions and lyrics. 8 pm to 2 am.


February 9

Grand Final Caiso & Soca Monarch

Carnaval Village, San Nicolas

Several days of pre-final competitions lead up to this grand final event, which features caiso (calypso) and soca musicians vying for the coveted monarch title. 7 pm to 3 am.


February 23

Jouvert Morning & Oranjestad Lighting Parade

Starting at 3 am in the morning and going until 8 am, Jouvert Morning is a festive party that takes place in the streets of San Nicolas. Lots of music, lots of dancing, lots of fun!

Then everyone takes a nap in preparation for the Grand Lighting Parade in Oranjestad, which starts at 8 pm at the Aruba Entertainment Center. Paraders deck their costumes out with lights for an extra special effect.


February 28

Lighting Parade San Nicolas

Starting at 8 pm, the San Nicolas Lighting Parade lights up the streets on the southern en of the island. As always, pumping sound trucks and amazing Carnaval costumes make for a truly memorable Carnaval experience.


March 1

22nd Masquerade Carnaval Party

Renaissance Convention Center

Hosted by Kiwanis Club of Palm Beach, the annual Masquerade Carnaval Party is one of the best Carnaval parties of the season. Proceeds go to charity. 9:30 pm – 2:30 am. Contact the Kiwanis Club of Palm Beach for more information and tickets.


March 2 & 3

San Nicolas Grand Parade & Aruba’s 65th Grand Parade (Oranjestad)

Starting at 10 am, the San Nicolas Grand Parade (March 2) heats up the streets of San Nicolas for one last time.  The following day, everyone reconvenes for the final parade of the Aruba Carnaval season, Aruba’s 65th Grand Parade, starting at 10 am in Oranjestad at the Aruba Entertainment Center.


March 15 – 17

St. Patrick’s Irish Pop-Up

Renaissance Marketplace

Celebrate the luckiest weekend of the year by attending Renaissance Aruba’s St. Patrick’s Irish Pop-Up, a weekend filled with festivities, shamrocks, green beer, and lots of food! Location will be at ex-Sidebar, Renaissance Marketplace. The Irish pop-up will be serving lunch and dinner. For more information, contact the Renaissance Aruba.


March 18

Flag & Anthem Day

On March 18, 1948, the Aruban politician Shon A. Eman presented the first formal proposal for the self-determination of the Aruban people to Queen Juliana of the Netherlands.  On March 18, 1976, political leader Betico Croes declared Aruba’s first Flag & Anthem Day.  This patriotic holiday is celebrated with a scout parade, a classic-car parade, sporting events, a folkloric performance at Plaza Betico Croes, and special cultural activities at museums in downtown Oranjestad.  Island visitors are encouraged to partake in the festivities.


March 24

Aruba International Half Marathon

Both locals and international competitors look forward to this annual half marathon covering the length of the island from San Nicolas (Joe Laveist Sport Park) to Oranjestad (Alhambra Casino). The race begins at 5 am. Sign up at


April 7

Color Run

Fisherman’s Huts

The Key Club of the International School of Aruba, in collaboration with the PTA, is hosting its second Color Run—a fun, untimed 5K run/walk where the participants are showered with colored powder.
The event will start at 4:45 pm at the Fisherman’s Huts. Contact the International School of Aruba for more information.


April 26 & 27

Aruba Food Truck Festival

Plaza Daniel Leo, Downtown Oranjestad

Aruba’s food truck scene is highlighted at this annual festival held in the heart of downtown. It’s a family-friendly event and includes live entertainment both evenings. 7 pm to 11 pm.

best restaurants aruba


April 27

King’s Day


Aruba celebrates the birth of King Willem Alexander of the Netherlands every year on April 27. Local neighborhoods host family-friendly festivals and street fairs. Kite-flying competitions are a tradition as well.


April 27

10K Boulevard Race

L.G. Smith Boulevard to Marriott

This is Aruba’s most popular running race, with competitors from around the world joining runners from the island. Aruba’s cooling trade winds make this a comfortable race, and the 5:30 pm start time ensures you’ll be finishing with the beautiful setting sun. Visit Facebook for more information.


May 1

Open Day with the Dutch Royal Navy

Korps Mariniers Base, Savaneta

Locals love this annual fundraising festival filled with fun and games, local eats, and presentations by the Dutch military. A local non-profit organization receives the funds raised by the event.


May 6 – 9

AHATA Recycled Art Competition

Sponsored by the Aruba Hotel & Tourism Association, this public awareness campaign encourages children and adults to get creative and upcycle, turning trash into treasures! Visit AHATA’s Facebook page for more information.


May 22-28

Soul Beach Music Festival


Aruba’s Soul Beach Music Festival was voted one of the “Top Five Caribbean Celebrations” by USA TODAY, as well as the #1 “Caribbean Summer Festival” by Jetsetter Magazine. The 19th Annual Soul Beach Music Festival will feature sultry day and night events presented by the hottest internationally renowned performing artists in music and comedy. Past artists have included Mary J. Blige, Tony Braxton, Alicia Keys, Sinbad, Jennifer Hudson, Ne-yo, Babyface, and Robin Thicke. Join the fun! For more information and tickets, visit the website.

Soul Beach Music Festival Aruba


June 2

KLM Aruba Marathon

Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino

If running is your thing, pack your sneaks and head to breezy Aruba this coming June for the 2nd edition of the KLM Aruba Marathon. Scenic course routes, 4 different course distances, and a post-run celebration—it’s a can’t-miss event for both amateur and seasoned runners. For more information, visit the blog.

KLM Marathon Aruba


June 23

Long Table Aruba

Streetside at Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino

This will be the third annual Long Table dinner, bringing together locals and visitors for a unique dining event, with proceeds benefiting local charities and organizations.

For more information visit the Renaissance’s website.

dining out aruba


June 24

Dera Gai


Aruba’s harvest festival is now a cultural celebration featuring traditional song and dance. The symbol of the rooster and bright yellow-and-red costumes are central to events held at various locations, including island community centers.

Dera Gai Aruba - Bon Bini Festival at Fort Zoutman, Aruba


June 28 & 29

Aruba Summer Music Festival

Harbor Square Arena

This annual music festival features Latin Grammy winners, top deejays, and local performers.  For more information and tickets, visit the website.

Aruba Summer Music Festival - calendar of events Aruba


June 30

33rd Aruba International Triathlon

Eagle Beach

The Aruba Triathlon Association presents its 33rd edition of the Aruba International Triathlon, scheduled to take place at gorgeous Eagle Beach. Athletes can choose to compete in either the sprint or Olympic distance. For more information, please visit


July 4 – 8

Aruba Hi-Winds

Fisherman’s Huts

Aruba hosts the largest amateur windsurfing and kite boarding event every summer. Race events include slalom and long-distance courses for both windsurfers and kite boarders.

Even if you are not a competitor, the atmosphere is electric and contagious! Not only are the competitions exciting to watch—especially the Kite Boarding Big Air competition—but the festivities surrounding the event, including beach chic fashion shows, live concerts, and beach parties, create a fun beach culture to experience!

Visit the Aruba Hi-Winds website for more information.


August 16 – 18

Aruba International Regatta

Eagle Beach

The 11th annual edition of the Aruba International Regatta features several categories of sailing competitions—including yacht, sunfish, and beach cat—as well as festive beach parties.

For more information, visit the website.

Aruba Regatta


August 23 – 25

Aruba International Pro-Am Golf Tournament

Tierra del Sol Golf Course

This two-day, 36-hole tournament is comprised of teams of four amateurs and one golf professional. The international roster of teams typically includes players representing the United States, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, the Netherlands, Bermuda, Curacao, Aruba, Canada, and beyond.

For more information, please contact James Kiley at +297-586-7800 ext 222 or [email protected].

Tierra del Sol Golf Course greens


September 8

Turibana to Santa Cruz Race

Run with the sunrise during this annual running event that starts at dawn.


September 13 – 15

Aruba Art Fair

San Nicolas

In the heart of San Nicolas, the Aruba Art Fair offers collectors, arts professionals, and the public the opportunity to engage with a selection of modern and contemporary artworks at affordable prices. Artists from different countries are flying over to exhibit their art on our “One Happy island.” Visit the website for more information.


September 20 & 21

Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival

Renaissance Marketplace

This annual festival was featured on USA TODAY’s list of top music festivals in the Caribbean, and the upcoming two-day festival, jam-packed with local, regional, and international performers, promises to deliver another unforgettable weekend of jazz, blues, soul, and funk in Aruba.  Visit the website for more information.

Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival


September 22

Aruba Reef Care Project

Every year more than 800 volunteers comb Aruba’s beaches and snorkel and dive around the reefs to gather trash in an effort to promote awareness about keeping our beaches and sea clean. It’s the island’s largest volunteer initiative and a great way for visitors to meet locals and positively impact the environment. Contact Mr. Castro Perez at +297-740-0797 or [email protected] for additional information.


September 27 – 29

Fitville Aruba

Surprise Arena

Athletes and teams from around the Caribbean will compete in this three-day functional fitness competition. The main goal is to celebrate fitness, healthy eating, and spending quality time with friends and family. For more information, visit the Fitville website.


September 29

Aruba Fire Prevention 10K & 5K Runs

Tanki Flip

Both locals and island visitors are invited to run (or walk) for a good cause by participating in the annual Fire Prevention 10K & 5K Runs. The route is circular, starting and ending at the Fire House in Tanki Flip. Visit IBISA ARUBA for more information.


September 29

Fiesta di Cunucu

This charming event celebrates Aruba’s culture, placing the traditional Aruban cunucu (homestead farm) front and center. The farmhouse will be furnished with museum pieces to give visitors an idea of how the Arubans once lived. The event will also feature a farmers’ market with local products, traditional Aruban music, and folkloric dances.


October 1 – 31

Eat Local Aruba Restaurant Month

This month-long event puts authentic Aruban cuisine front and center for island visitors as well as locals to enjoy. More than 65 participating restaurants offer prix-fixe menus highlighting local flavors, with lunches at $15 and dinners between $30 and $40. Visit the website for more information.

fresh seafood Aruba


November 3

National Coastal Cleanup 2019

This event, which welcomes both locals and island guests, is sponsored by the Aruba Hotel & Tourism Association. Teams work together to clean areas near and along the coastline, including many beaches outside the tourist area.  Please contact AHATA for more information.


November 12 – 17

Aruba Beach Tennis Open 2019

Eagle Beach

This tournament is the most anticipated beach tennis event held in the world, attracting over 1,000 professional and amateur players from around the globe who come to enjoy 8 days of beach tennis competition, pumping music, and exciting events on the powdery sands of Eagle Beach. Visit the website for more information and a preliminary program.


November 28

Thanksgiving Day Celebration

A number of island restaurants celebrate Thanksgiving with incredible feasts for you, your family, and friends.


December 31, 2019 – January 1, 2020

New Year’s Eve Celebration

Aruba hosts an incredible islandwide fireworks display that occurs organically as locals and hotels set off thousands of fireworks that light up the sky. It’s a magical experience you will never forget!

New Year's in Aruba
Image provided by Aruba Tourism Authority



January 1

New Year’s Plunge

Moomba Beach

The New Year’s Plunge at Moomba Beach is a super-fun community event that invites everyone to mark the new year by plunging into the sea. The plunge takes place at noon sharp, and participation is free of charge.


January 25

Betico Croes Day Events

On this day, Arubans celebrate the birthday of the late Betico Croes, a charismatic political activist who helped Aruba to become an autonomous member of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, which eventually took place in 1986. This official national holiday features various sporting events, an island-wide Harley Davidson bike tour, culinary festivals, and folkloric shows.

The Betico Croes Memorial Run is a very popular event on the 25th.  It takes place in Santa Cruz from 6 am to 10 am.  Contact IBISA Aruba for more information.