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Coconut Telefax 09/10/18

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Genuine Island Souvenirs

William Jansen and his wife, Nanda Braemer, are a husband-and-wife team of artisans, both certified by the tourism authority as genuine local talents. William makes standing lamps out of gnarled and weathered driftwood, and Nanda creates very charming acrylic-painted driftwood art—whimsical fish hangers and ornaments made with rope, wood, and metal pieces she finds while scouring the beaches of the north side of the island. The two can be found at local fairs and markets. For inquiries, call +297-594-5711 / 662-3571 or email [email protected].

dritwood art Aruba
driftwood art Aruba
driftwood art Aruba
driftwood art Aruba


The Renaissance Convention Center Previews Its Themed Holiday Parties

A great number of decision-makers from the business community were invited to sample the Renaissance Convention Center’s hospitality, as the Banquet & Event teams previewed their spectacular plans for the holidays.

Every year, the Renaissance Convention Center dresses up for the December rush of parties, ready to help host successful events, big and small, ushering in traditional Christmas joy and creative New Year’s glamor. In late August, we all got a taste of the holiday season in the fully decorated ballroom, transformed into an elegant red planet.

Renaissance Aruba Christmas
Renaissance Aruba Christmas

The food, at the heart of any celebration, really exceeded all expectations in rich variety and superb taste. The impressive buffet occupied a large portion of the ballroom, and it featured a number of food stations, all interactive, with local and international favorites. On the menu was a delicious assortment of festive soups, a salad station including several types of ceviche, a carving station, hot entrees, Yule logs, and other Christmas desserts. The incredible spread was complemented by an open bar and free-flowing libations. I predict a busy holiday season for the convention center. #RenArubaMoments

To book your holiday party, email [email protected].

Renaissance Aruba Christmas
Renaissance Aruba Christmas
Renaissance Aruba
Renaissance Aruba food


Magic 96.5 FM Celebrating 20 Years on Air with Hand-A-Thon 2018

Magic 96.5 FM, a popular local radio station, conducted a mega endurance test recently, getting 12 contestants to lay their hands on a car for over a minimum of 60 hours, with the last man/woman standing winning the Chevy Aveo. The radio station launched the promotion on April 24, and over the weeks that followed, provided some helpful physical and spiritual coaching to the Hand-A-Thon participants, broadcasting their progress every step of the way.

Hand-A-Thon Aruba 2018

On August 30, the contest was launched at the Entertainment Center in Oranjestad, with a full program of bands and DJs attracting a great multitude of spectators. Competition rules called for a mere five-minute rest every 55 minutes; the same hand had to remain in place, in full contact with the car, no switching, no twitching. The first eliminated contestant, after just nine minutes, was a 20-year-old who touched the car with his other hand as he peered through the window to inspect the upholstery. After 60 grueling hours and 52 minutes, Emely Wernet, representing Super Food Plaza, remained standing and was privileged to drive the Chevy Aveo 2018 away, having earned it fair and square in a monumental battle of body and spirit.

Hand-a-thon Aruba 2018


Deloitte Business Event Reflects the Future

Deloitte recently hosted two business events: a tax seminar at the Renaissance Convention Center with the prime minister as the keynote speaker on August 28, followed by a business mixer on August 31 at Tierra del Sol.

The prime minister revealed five new sustainable strategies designed to help diversify our economy. She discussed two, tourism among them, and reported that the minister of finance, economy & culture will outline the rest in due time.

Since we were introduced six years ago, I have always tried to steal a few words with Deloitte partner Julian Lopez Ramirez during the annual mixer, traditionally held at Tierra del Sol. This time, Julian talked about compliance. While most big accounting firms lose or give up their high certifications, Deloitte maintains its own at the cost of large investments. Very large.

Deloitte Aruba

I checked the website, and they do a lot in that area: “Deloitte’s governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) services help clients tackle the broad issues of corporate governance, enterprise risk management, and effective corporate compliance while offering specialized assistance in key areas such as financial reporting, tax, information technology, human capital, anti-fraud, dispute consulting, and financial advisory services. We can help organizations identify, remediate, monitor, exploit, and manage enterprise risks in addition to coordinating the utilization of people, process, and technology to improve GRC effectiveness and help manage costs.”

So, if you are a branded international company in need of audit services, Deloitte is the only game in town because all others suffered/will suffer disruption.