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Coconut Telefax 1/14/19

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Aruba Tourism Authority Signs Agreement with “Dare to Dream Foundation”

A promotional agreement with the “Dare to Dream Foundation” was signed recently during a press conference at the Aruba Tourism Authority. The foundation, by Xander Bogaerts, Aruba’s national hero and a Red Sox baseball player, will occupy a greater star role in Aruba’s international promotion. Last November, the Aruban government made Bogaerts the island’s ambassador immediately after his tremendous performance during the last World Series in Boston.

The Dare to Dream Foundation project is made possible via the collaboration of several entities, with the main objective being that Xander form part of the island’s international promotional effort, especially in the Boston area, which is one of the most important markets for Aruba. As a well-recognized personality, Bogaerts is a celebrity in Boston, and he will facilitate a great promotional impact by modeling what it means to be Aruban.

Bogaerts and his mother, Sandra Brown, formed the foundation in November 2013. The foundation focuses on young people of lesser means who dare to dream about their future in baseball. The foundation provides equipment for training and also contributes to training camps and clinics, facilitating the opportunity for the personal growth and development of baseball talents.

In his real life, Bogaerts will participate in a promotional campaign featuring the authentic Aruba, focusing on the island’s heritage, the people, the culture, culinary excellence, and more, guiding visitors through his favorite places and focusing on Aruba and his family as part of his success.

Bogaerts’ mom, director of the Dare to Dream Foundation, and Ronella Tjin Asjoe-Croes, the CEO of the Aruba Tourism Authority, both signed the agreement on behalf of the partners. Ronella Tjin Asjoe-Croes expressed her great sense of satisfaction that a national hero would be part of the island’s promotional strategy.

Dare to Dream Aruba Xander
Sandra Brown (left) and Ronella Tjin Asjoe-Croes


Carnival Royalty Elected

This past weekend at the Harbor Arena, baptized in honor of the Carnival 2019 season as the Carnival Arena, an event starring Aruba’s youth elected three sets of Carnival Prince and Pancho in front of a packed audience of fans and fellow students, more than 3,000 cheering Carnival fanatics.

Carnival royalty are the official characters opening all parades, and by tradition, in addition to three queens—child, youth, and adult—three sets of Prince and Pancho are named. They win their titles by telling jokes and presenting a fun stand-up routine, thereby demonstrating their jovial, entertaining nature.

Colegio San Antonio, celebrating 60 years, sent a set of jokers, both 8th graders, to the competition. The pair won previously at school at an internal competition last year and were told they could take their act to the big stage as part of the school’s anniversary celebration. They did, and they won.

Aruba Carnival 65
Dwayne & Obi

Obi & Dwayne competed for the honor of opening all parades. They were incredibly decked out in Carnival costumes and trained by a famous local jokester, pro bono.  Alberto Groeneveld and teacher Tracey van der Biezen did a great job helping to stage the act, and their combined efforts landed the twin crowns.

Carnival 65 Aruba
Prince & Pancho winners

Joshmar de Cuba (Prins Antes)
Jaymar de Cuba (Pancho Awo)
Representing the TOB Carnival Group

Dwayne Dabian (Prins Mal)
Obi Tromp (Pancho Tempo)
Representing Colegio San Antonio and the TOB Carnival Group

Charles Rafine (Prins Bon)
Micheal Quant (Pancho Malo)
Representing Carnival Group Pink 4 Life


WIN A FERRARI 488 SPIDER, Introduced at The Casino at The Ritz-Carlton, Aruba

The most powerful and innovative Ferrari Spider ever built, a car that marries the extraordinary prowess of the 488 GTB, Gran Turismo Berlinetta coupe, with the joy of open-air motoring, a car that can tackle even the most challenging roads while humming an inimitable Ferrari engine soundtrack, arrived in Aruba and is now safely parked at The Casino at The Ritz-Carlton, Aruba.

Ferrari Campaign The Ritz-Carlton Aruba

A number of press people were invited this week to witness its spectacular arrival in a sea container as the focal point of the 2019 gaming campaign: WIN A FERRARI 488 SPIDER!

The casino will raffle this high-end luxury car and give one lucky player the opportunity to win it by playing any of the casino’s slot machines or table games from Jan 7 to late December 2019.

The Ferrari 488 Spider, with a retractable hard top and a 3902cc turbo-charged V8 engine, sprints from 0 to 60 mph in 3 seconds. Its interior was inspired by Ferrari’s Formula 1 philosophy of creating a seamless relationship between driver and car. The car offers a unique driving experience, and its sleek design will attract multitudes of players to the casino this year.

To participate, you must become member of The Casino’s VIP Club and earn points as you play along.  Offering high-quality service and a unique and memorable gaming experience, The Casino is prepared to answer all questions at +297-527-2276/527-2277.

The Casino at The Ritz-Carlton Aruba Ferrari