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Coconut Telefax 10/15/18

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An Evening Under the Stars at UA

The University of Aruba Faculty of Hospitality, Tourism, and Management Studies (FHTMS) and the EPI Hospitality and Tourism Unit enjoyed the sponsorship, guidance, and support of Divi Resorts Aruba to present Aruba’s Global Culinary Experience, an evening of delicious food and dancing at the University of Aruba this past Saturday night. The students of both schools, directed by Executive Chef Paul Zijlstra, who is the culinary authority for both Divi & Tamarijn Aruba, collaborated on the 2nd annual fundraising dinner dance on the beautiful grounds of the university.

For over 100 guests, the students prepared a tantalizing tasting experience, including a welcome cocktail, musical entertainment by the Bamboo Band, and a great number of expertly prepared food stations. A number of bars were set up especially for the event by leading wine and liquor purveyors on the island, and students practiced the art of making craft cocktails, which were enthusiastically received by partygoers, privileged to experience the quality brands stocked by Arion Wine Company, Divino Wine & Spirits, Aruba Trading Company, Romar Trading, and La Cava.

The event fulfilled two purposes. It served as a working classroom, where students organized an actual party—from menu concept and marketing, to meal preparation, set-up, service, and breakdown—as part of their educational curriculum. It also offered a fundraising opportunity, where all monies collected were donated to the EPI & FHTMS students to facilitate field trips and culinary activities abroad. Dean John Wardlaw reported that the students already went last year on a winter-sport experience to learn about cold-weather tourism, which opened the local students’ eyes to the many different aspects of global hospitality.

Aruba’s Global Culinary Experience was supported by the schools’ faculties and the island’s tourism industry, spearheaded by Divi Resorts. Other generous sponsors included Angelo Koolman, Sharp Productions, Sunny Ray, Gianni’s Group, and Vibrations PR. For more information about the faculty, please contact Dean John Wardlaw at [email protected].


Ocean Health Lecture at University of Aruba

A recent lecture at the University of Aruba tackled the ocean with a UNESCO expert who discussed the upcoming Decade of Ocean Science (2021 – 2030), a global effort designed to serve as the global framework supporting comprehensive actions to reverse the cycle of decline in ocean health and create improved conditions for sustainable development.

What are the specific goals of the global effort? The fending against marine pollution, degradation of habitats, ocean acidification, and climate change, and the protection of seafood, our major source of protein.

There is a huge knowledge gap as far as the ocean is concerned. Examples? One million is the approximate number of marine species that could still be unknown to science, 103 million square miles of deep sea are in perpetual darkness, and only 5% of the ocean floor has been mapped at high resolution. So, there is a lot we don’t know, and to catch up with our ignorance, UNESCO has declared the Decade of Ocean Science. All nations, stakeholders, and citizens should participate in this push to close the knowledge gap, so that information gathered can be shared among all nations in order to make informed decisions that affect us all.


Drempel Debuts at the Linear Park

One of the island’s favorite seasonal radio shows is Na Drempel Di Fin di Ana, loosely translated as the “Threshold to Yearend,” a three-times-a-week, two-hour show in the evening on Magic 96.5 FM. The show is filled with Christmas recipes, events, decoration tips, and music, and leads to the final send-off of 2018, with the countdown of the top songs of the year on December 31, 2018.

The program, now in its 30th year, stars radio personality Erin Croes, the owner of Magic 96.5 FM radio. To celebrate the important milestone in her career, Erin and her radio station crew orchestrated a mega event at the Linear Park in collaboration with Balashi & Chill beers, produced by Aruba’s national brewery.

Aguinaldo Flor Di Pasco performing at the Linear Park
Aguinaldo Flor Di Pasco performing at the Linear Park

They offered an extended live entertainment program on October 12 as a special edition of Na Drempel di Fin Di Ana, which was greatly attended by the station’s loyal listeners.


Conference of the Performing Arts

The Conference of the Performing Arts was organized by Cas di Cultura and the Department of Culture, together celebrating 100 years of cultural service. The goal was to start a dialogue regarding the role art should play in our community. On October 12, 2018, the conference achieved this goal, touching on the social, educational, economical, and aesthetic benefits of art for the community.

Some of the interesting speakers included:

Vicky Arens, Director of Cas di Cultura, main organizer of the conference. Topic: When it comes to art, more is better.

Xiomara Ruiz Maduro, Aruba’s Minister of Finance, Economy, and Culture. Topic: She shared her vision upon arts and culture in Aruba.

Tito Bolivar, Director of ARTISA, organizer of the Aruba Art Fair. Topic: Organizing the Aruba Art Fair, a different stage with different challenges and benefits.

Michael Lampe, Musical Director of DATAPANIK, the official band of the conference, and member of Parliament. Topic: The strength of authenticity in the formation of your identity.

Alice van Romondt, Vice President of the Prins Bernhard Foundation for the Arts Caribbean and accomplished stimulator of the arts, wrapped up the day, summarizing all the things said and giving her reflection upon where to go from here.

Sponsors & partners: UNOCA | Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Caribisch Gebied | Elite Productions | Subway | Vertegenwoordiging van Nederland op Aruba | High Performance | Smit & Dorlas