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Coconut Telefax: 10/29/18

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The Aruba Timeshare Association Hosts EPB Students at the Hotels

Over the span of two days, members of the Aruba Timeshare Association (ATSA) opened their doors to inform and educate EPB students regarding the hotel industry on the island. The students, who arrived from school by bus, were welcomed at each resort by a member of management, toured all departments, and were given a general overview of the daily activities required to service guests and help drive Aruba’s successful hospitality industry.

“We view this visit as crucial,” explains ATSA president, hotelier Andy Osborne. “As high school students face their potential employers for the first time, we try to motivate them to join the industry and become passionate about what we do.” The students and their mentors hail from both the Hato and San Nicolas EPB schools, and they report enjoying the visit and the refreshments at the end of the morning, besides the learning opportunity.

Amsterdam Manor Aruba
EPB students at Amsterdam Manor

This is the third consecutive year that ATSA has orchestrated an orientation day for basic professional education students. Participating resorts this year included the following: Amsterdam Manor, Costa Linda, Casa del Mar, La Quinta, Divi Resorts, Paradise Beach Villas, Playa Linda, Tropicana Resort, and La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino.


10th Annual Taste of California Wine Dinner at Passions on the Beach

The Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort partnered with Arion Wine Company to host the 10th annual wine dinner. This year’s 4-course wine dinner was held at Passions on the Beach and was titled “Taste of California Anniversary Celebration.” Fernando Arteaga of Jackson Family Wines California was the event’s special guest.

A beautiful sunset and world-famous Eagle Beach served as the backdrop for a wonderful evening of delicious dishes paired with great wines, one of which, Kendall-Jackson Vintner’s Reserve Chardonnay, is America’s #1-selling chardonnay for the past 25 consecutive years. The Taste of California Anniversary Celebration Wine Dinner took off with a reception on the deck of Passions on the Beach, right in front of the Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort. The reception was followed by the 4-course wine dinner, enjoyed by a mixed crowd of locals and visitors.

Passions on the Beach Aruba
Passions on the Beach Aruba

Founded in 1982 by Jess Jackson, the Jackson family’s vineyards and wineries are first and foremost family-owned and -operated, which was Jess Jackson’s goal when he entered the wine business three decades ago, wishing to create a family enterprise specializing in handmade wines of unmatched character.

Arion Wine Company is a local wine importing firm offering great wines, teaching seminars, organizing tastings, and educating those working in the hospitality sector. Arion Wine Company represents some of the world’s most outstanding wineries in Aruba.

Passions on the Beach Aruba
Passions on the Beach Aruba

Passions on the Beach at the Amsterdam Manor is a destination for visitors from all across the island, who come to experience its one-of-a-kind magical atmosphere. It is an ideal location for wedding parties and other special events. At Passions by the Beach, guests are treated to the finest toes-in-the-sand meals in the most romantic setting.


Popcorn Dancers Celebrate 29 Years

The Popcorn Dancers recently celebrated their 29th anniversary at Cas di Cultura, where Minister Ruiz-Maduro of the Ministry of Finance, Economic Affairs, and Culture congratulated the dance troupe on their impressive achievement.

Cas di Cultura Aruba
Popcorn Dancers Aruba
Aruba popcorn dancers

The founder of the troupe, Freddy Tromp, who is both the chief choreographer and manager, started promoting local folklore and contemporary dance when he created the group and has been going strong for 29 years. An off-shoot in the Netherlands allows his students who go to Europe to further their education and continue devoting time to their hobby.

Popcorn Dancers Aruba
Minister Ruiz-Maduro & Freddy Tromp

The Popcorn Dancers perform at the various hotels in Aruba and are especially active during Carnival. They promote modern dance but also preserve Caribbean dance traditions.

Popcorn Dancers Aruba