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Coconut Telefax 2/11/19

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Carnival is Ageless and Contagious

The Red Cross recently held a successful queen election among ladies 65 years of age and up. A total of eight contestants heeded the call, competing for the “Live Your Life” sash and crown.

Members of the jury had a tough time deciding who will be the ultimate winner since all grandmas displayed an equally vibrant personality and a unique joy of life.

Two Prince & Pancho septuagenarians helped crown the winners: Most Animated, Lucia Rasmijn; Best Speech, Titi Tromp; and Most Creative, Aura Ras.

Finally Lucia Rasmijn became the first finalist while Titi Tromp was crowned “Reina Biba Vida.”

Many contributed to the fun afternoon, among them Isai Labadie, Robert Geerman, Glenda Arends, Elsa’s Flowershop, El Gaucho Restaurant, La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino, DA cosmetics store, Bruna Book Store, Shara’s Aesthetic Center, Young at Heart, Starbucks, Marieta Wanopa, Cover Girl, makeup artists Andrew Curiel & Andy Willems, and the Red Cross’s Biba Bida Queen Election team.

Judges Elsa Krosendijk, Zuzette Croes, John Flemming, and the president of the jury, Rene Ridderstaat, volunteered their time along with emcee Cheryldine Buckley and the Massive Brassband, which supported the event with a massive jump-in.


Rocco Franken Named Tumba King & T-Money Named Soca Monarch & Lady Ambiance Crowned Caiso Monarch

The island’s minister of culture was present on stage at the end of Tumba Festival 2019 to award the crown to Rocco Franken, lead singer of Buleria, one of the island’s most celebrated bands.

The festival was dedicated to some past tumba legends and was organized by SMAC, the island’s non-profit in charge of Carnival, and Loco Lobo Productions.

Rocco’s winning tumba, titled “A,” rocked the recently inaugurated Carnival & Entertainment Village in San Nicolas and also earned Best Arrangement for Rocco’s musical collaborator, Dwight Leonata.

In an unusual move, Rocco decided to also enroll in the tumba contest on the neighboring island of Curacao. We were all praying secretly for a double crown, but while his performance in Curacao was well-received, a local singer won the coveted title. The Tumba Festival is one of the biggest musical events in Curacao and a highlight of the Curacao Carnival!

In Aruba, the Caiso & Soca Monarch Festival is the highlight of the Carnival season.

During both contests, dozens of artists compete to win the titles of Tumba King/Queen and Caiso/Soca Monarch. In the case of Soca Monarch, the winning composition will become the official anthem of this year’s Carnival parades. The qualifying rounds, last week, for the Caiso & Soca Monarch in Aruba included 111 songs. Saturday night, Aruba’s Caiso Monarch was crowned: Lady Ambiance. Aruba’s Soca King 2019 is T-Money, a much-loved musician and performer. We are sure you will hear his song again and again over the next few weeks.


Calypso & Soca Wall of Fame Inaugurated

During the inaugural festivities of the Carnival & Entertainment Village in San Nicolas, the minister of culture and the minister of infrastructure shared the honor of unveiling a wall of fame dedicated to the music-makers who have given us the songs we love so much.

The wall of fame has on display all former Calypso/Caiso and Roadmarch/Soca contest winners, a total of 105 names, with the title of their winning song and the year in which they participated.

Many musicians attended the ceremony with their friends and family members enjoying the recognition and reminiscing about historical performances.

The Aruban government took the opportunity to also recognize some key Carnival personalities who keep the fire burning, inspiring younger generations to also contribute to the island’s cultural heritage.
The honorees included radio personality Roberto Geerman, journalist Hubert Naar, radio personality Leonard ‘Leny’ Denz, and movers and shakers Juan Carlos Hill, Johnny Milan, and Alberto ‘Brother’ Pantophlet.


At the Multi-Function Center, MFA Noord, Everyone is Welcome!

Dr. Guerrero-Silva will talk about new developments in stem cell technology from 7:30 – 9:00 pm at the MFA Noord on Tuesday, February 12, with time for Q&A immediately after.

The talk will be in English and Spanish.

Stem cell technology is a revolutionary and fast-developing area in medicine. The new insights and innovative techniques are astounding, and stories about positive results are giving hope to those who are suffering from a myriad of diseases. Patients with arthrosis, arthritis, auto-immune diseases, chronic pains, and/or neurological diseases such as sciatica might be interested in attending an informative talk on stem cells by Dr. Carlos Guerrero-Silva from Bogota.

Dr. Guerrero-Silva is an orthopedic and stem cell specialist; he has been treating patients with stem cells in his clinic for the past six years, often with great results, such as the lessening of pain and arresting the progress of a disease.

From his website: “Stem cells are blanks; depending on what is needed, they may change into other types of cells—skin cells, bone cells, nerve cells, and cartilage. The stem cells are harvested from the bone marrow, belly fat, or the patient’s blood. Then they are multiplied and injected into the damaged areas. This is good news for sufferers of chronic pain, arthrosis, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and diabetes (stem cells have been able to save thousands of extremities).”

To learn more about stem cells and Dr. Guerrero-Silva and the Stemwell clinic, go to If you have questions for the doctor, you may reach him via [email protected] Free entrance. You can bring a folding chair, just in case the meeting is crowded.