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Coconut Telefax August 12, 2019

FUTURA Organizes Annual Innovation Camp

Prime Minister Evelyn Wever-Croes visited the kids at Innovation Camp, congratulating them on a summer well spent. She then helped present them with graduation certificates.

About 60 kids of all ages participated in the Innovation Camp and learned about sustainability and how it applies to their home island and to the United Nations SDG, Sustainable Development Goals 2030. The kids learned how important it is to give back to the community and sustain everything that’s locally made or grown. Other topics on the curriculum included the protection of the environment, climate change, the circular economy, arts and crafts, and best of all, time management playing computer games.

FUTURA was organized by the students of IPA, who are future teachers on the island.

Successful Master Series at La Vista

The 30-something Chef Karime Lopez has cooked in Spain, Japan, Peru, and Denmark, and is now based in Italy at the famed Gucci Osteria, a coproduction between the fashion house and superchef Massimo Bottura, from the three-Michelin-starred Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italy.

Karime came to Aruba from Singapore, where she was at the helm of a Gucci Osteria pop-up for two months.

Her husband, Chef Takahiro Kondo, the sous chef of Massimo Bottura’s Osteria Francescana, was born in Tokyo. He had lunch, 14 years ago, at Osteria Francescana, fell in love with the vibe of the place and the Italian flavors, and asked for a job, having worked in kitchens around the globe since age 18.

The two young chefs met in the kitchen, in Italy, and have been married for about two years.

The Master Series event at La Vista was a fantastic opportunity for local foodies to be fed by these two culinary titans. Featuring a foot-long complex eight-course menu, the event boasted two sold-out nights.

The dishes were prepared exhibition-style in the open kitchen and flew out with Food & Beverage Operation Director Teddy Bouroncle as the expeditor, making sure all tables were served at a nice, consistent pace.

On the menu were mussel-crusted prawns, turbot with tostada, Japanese rice and miso, Wagyu beef, and two desserts, creamy blueberries and Japanese nibbles on a stick, with masterful wine pairing by Pepia Est’s sommelier, Raymond Kok.


A New Place in Town, BAZ-RRR Galleria & Brasserie

It’s a café, gallery, and a movement on Emmastraat #3 in Oranjestad, conceived by superwoman Joase Ann van der Biest as a unique environment for a new experience. At the charmingly furnished gallery, she aims at changing the world via philanthropy, artistry, and sustainability, all very admirable goals.

We looked at the artwork by various local artists and heard about the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which were discussed that day at a special afternoon event.

At the casual eatery, we enjoyed a generous avocado sandwich with sun-dried tomatoes and delicious sweet potato fries, as well as a grilled, lightly seasoned, and very tasty chicken breast sandwich.

We were tempted to linger over coffee, or a glass of wine, to read a book from the library or just relax in good company.


A New Place for Coffee at AMC Unicon on L.G. Smith Blvd

The new AMC Unicon emporium on the main drag has a very charming coffee place, Smith & Dorlas, with an extensive drink menu and a limited but delicious food selection. I had the chicken sandwich panini. Recommended.

The modern café is very inviting with comfortable sitting areas, free Wi-Fi, and a very helpful staff.

You will find everything under the same roof at AMC Unicon, from household appliances to air-conditioning units, electronics, reading glasses, comfortable beds, and stylish furniture.


Sweet Pan Music Productions Unveils Plans for a Free Concert

The concert will take place on Sunday, August 18, 2019, at The Edgar Connor Amphitheatre, Paseo Herencia Mall, Palm Beach, 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm. The invitation is open to everyone.

The “Honor to Connor Steelband Celebration,” in its third edition, is designed to celebrate the island’s music and local artists in loving memory of legendary steelpan player Edgar Connor.

Paseo Herencia was kind enough to honor Edgar Connor 12 years ago by naming the amphitheater after him, and finally in 2017, his sons, second-generation pan players, Nico & Lee, honored their father with his likeness in relief on the outer wall of the amphitheater, combined with a wonderful steelpan musical event.

They have repeated it every year since.

The Sweet Pan Music Productions team—Nico Connor, Lee Connor, and Paula Engelen—together with Zaira Orman from the PR department at Paseo Herencia and pan players Tico Kock and Ronwayne Kock of A Touch of Steel, will come together to keep the steelpan music alive, determined to continue educating, teaching, and presenting steelpan music in Aruba.

The artists involved in the project include Quiver Quips Steel Orchestra; The Aruba Invaders Steel Orchestra, 2nd and 3rd generations; N.L.G. Dancers; Nico Connor, Wesley Connor, and Lee Connor; and Carnaruba in spectacular Carnival costumes.

Sweet Pan Music Productions is very grateful to their partners, sponsors, and the wonderful people of Aruba who believe in this project to keep the steelpan music alive.