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Coconut Telefax December 2, 2019

Hilton Sponsors Aruba Birdlife Calendar 2020

Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino has again sponsored the Aruba birdlife calendar. The 2020 calendar was presented to General Manager Vasco Baselli by cute twin sisters Kim and Liz Peterson. If the name sounds familiar, then sure, they are Greg Peterson’s nieces. Greg is the president of the Aruba Birdlife Conservation.

The 13 bird photographs were made available by 7 bird photographers.

Two of them are related to the national Shoco Conservation Project. The funds generated by the sales of the calendar support this conservation initiative designed to support Aruba’s indigenous burrowing owl, by placing artificial shoco burrows around the island at favorite shoco habitats.

The 2020 bird calendars can be purchased for Awg 12,50 at Huchada Bakery in Santa Cruz, Best Deal Aruba in Paradera, Veterinary Clinics Aruba in Wayaca and in Noord, and Contreras Veterinary Services in Shaba. All proceeds go to the Aruba Birdlife Conservation.


Santa Margherita Delights Food & Beverage Professionals at Hostaria da Vittorio

Clive Faustin, wine portfolio and account leader at Romar Trading, recently hosted a delicious luncheon at Hostaria Vittorio on behalf of Santa Margherita Winery. Faustin presented his guests with an afternoon of pure enjoyment, pouring Prosecco, Pinot Grigio, and Chianti Classico Riserva, greatly appreciated by guests as they discovered the delights of the perfectly chilled glass of wine with great Italian cooking.

In the 1970s, Anthony Terlato became the #1 importer of premium Italian wines to the USA. He believed there was an opportunity for quality Italian wines beyond traditional Italian restaurant wine lists, and he believed wine lovers were ready to experience a truly high-end Italian white. While in Italy, he explored a range of regions and varietals and determined that Pinot Grigio was the wine that could revolutionize the perception of Italian wines in high-end restaurants. In a restaurant in Italy, he ordered all 18 Pinot Grigios on the list and tasted every one. When he tasted Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio from the Marzotto family, he knew he had found his varietal and the proper relationship.

Tony has been called “the father of Pinot Grigio” and “one of the most accomplished wine personalities on the planet” for pioneering regions, varietals, and brands from around the world. Pioneering the Pinot Grigio category in America with Santa Margherita, he created the most successful brand and established Pinot Grigio as a much-loved varietal around the world. Crisp, elegant Santa Margherita remains the leading Pinot Grigio brand and still captures the imagination of wine lovers across countries.

Guests at Hostaria da Vittorio, including the island’s top chefs, restaurateurs, and retailers of the brand, raised their glass to Anthony Terlato. They then enjoyed a delicious lunch presented by Hostaria da Vittorio’s owner, master-chef Vittorio Muscariello, featuring his most delectable dishes, including a prosciutto and mozzarella appetizer, osso bucco and risotto main course, and profiteroles for dessert. Faustin replenished the glasses: first the bubbly Prosecco, then the Pinot Grigio with the appetizer, and the Chianti Classico with the main course and dessert.

The Santa Margherita Winery counts 80 years of “actual” history; however, it has enjoyed more than two centuries of business activities in the Veneto! Founded in 1935 by Count Gaetano Marzotto, Jr., it revolutionized wine drinking and succeeded in producing Italy’s most favorite vino. Today, Santa Margherita wines are known for their strong consumer appeal and great accessibility, along with their modern winemaking edge. They are available worldwide in over 70 countries and are poured in Aruba at all premier restaurants.


Coffee Lovers LOVE Juan Valdez

In 2013 we were happy to welcome Juan Valdez to Aruba. The company opened a concept café at the Alhambra Shops, and also opened a smaller outlet, equally cute, in the heart of Palm Beach.

The chic cafés with indoor and outdoor seating serve 100% Colombian coffee grown and harvested by Colombian farmers, since 1959. While the Juan Valdez character and his mule, Conchita, are fictional, they do deliver the message that this is the real deal—not blended with coffee beans from other countries.

The man and his mule were scheduled to make an appearance at the opening party of the Alhambra Shops café location back in 2013, and we were looking forward to meeting Conchita’s local incarnation. Alas, they never showed, but the coffee more than compensated for their absence.

Last week, the Grand Café at the Alhambra Shops hosted a small get-together, having recently been renovated.  At the plaza, guests were greeted with nevados and tintos campesinos while listening to a live acoustic music concert by Jonathan “Jeon” Thiel and his pianist, Giendrick Boekhoudt. Surprise! The thrilled small audience was spellbound, under the stars, listening to all favorites at a private, exclusive performance.

These days, you can enjoy truly delicious cups of coffee and specialty drinks at the Alhambra Shops (open from 7 am to 10 pm), at La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino in the lobby, and soon at Aruba Bank on the main street in Oranjestad. There will be a smaller outlet at the new D’shop, on Sasaki, which will greatly enhance the shopping experience.

At the airport? Sure, in two locations.

The Juan Valdez® Cafe brand represents the thousands of dedicated Colombian coffee growers who go about their work with precision and expertise. Growing coffee is like raising a family—it requires patience, love, and total commitment.


Imeldahof Breakfast Walk

The annual Imeldahof Breakfast Walk attracted a great crowd recently. The walk took friends and neighbors of the children’s home in Noord on a 6K circular route through the Alto Vista and Sabana Liber neighborhoods. The fundraiser helps the home care for the kids in residence, since government subsidy is minimal.

Through its Pack for a Purpose program, Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort donated more than 300 kg of supplies and equipment to the home in 2019. All Bucuti donations come from their guests who carry these gifts with them; the resort receives them and delivers them to Imeldahof.

The children’s home first opened its doors on November 25, 1954, with the help of the Roman Catholic Sisters of Bethani, and was managed by the Bethani Dutch Antilles Foundation. In 1976, the organization altered itself, whereby Children’s Home Imeldahof Aruba (Stichting Kinderhuis Imeldahof Aruba) was founded as a private foundation, subsidized by the government. The subsidization concerns the salaries of the personnel and approximately Afl. 11 per child on a daily basis to cover expenses. These expenses include provisions, attire, school material/fixed costs, activities, and all other expenses to manage the foundation. Furthermore, the organization is dependent on the community for financial and voluntary support in order to provide special activities or projects for the children.

Purpose of the Organization

The objective of the children’s home is to offer a temporary home and guidance for children who, for a variety of reasons, are unable to remain in their own homes. In most cases, this is until placement with their own family or relatives or a foster family can be found.   A few of the reasons are mental, psychical, and sexual abuse; neglect; and alcohol or drug abuse by parents.