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Coconut Telefax January 6, 2020

Ling & Sons Supercenter Opens Its Stylish, Extended Cafeteria

The store has been proudly serving the Aruban community and island visitors since 1965, stocking shelves with fine products from around the globe in order to meet the growing demands of its diverse clientele.

As the largest American-style supermarket on the island, Ling & Sons has provided an exceptional under-one-roof shopping experience.

Recently, the store has completed renovations of its in-store food operation, with daily fresh offerings. It now features an extended cafeteria for hot meals; a rich salad bar; grab-n-go sandwiches, wraps, salads, and fresh juices; the famous bakery, featuring breads, cakes, pastries, desserts, and custom-cake service; a 72-door unit offering frozen meals, pizza, ice creams, and fresh-frozen fruits and vegetables; a full-service liquor store with an extensive portfolio of fine wines from California USA, Italy, Chile, and Argentina, and many favorite champagne labels; and the just-opened cosmetics store, all artfully illuminated and artistically displayed, with attractive graphic accents and friendly signage.

The official store reopening party is just down the road. Meanwhile, Ling & Sons Supercenter is more accessible than ever via the new boulevard.


Divino Celebrates One Life to Live

When Jeon, a popular local and international musician, recorded “Gosa Bida” with Grupo di Betico just before the Christmas holiday, he approached Divino NV for sponsorship of the video clip.

The charming song he composed talks about the simple enjoyments of life—such as dancing in the backyard, a glass of white wine in hand—and advocates living life for the moment.

The musician was looking for a wine purveyor to cross promote his favorite 19 Crimes Chardonnay and his new composition.

Michael v/d Berg, the owner of Divino NV, didn’t hesitate. It is his philosophy, too, that we only have one life to live and that the simple pleasure of a chilled white wine deserves exposure and promotion.

He struck a deal with the singer to sponsor the clip production against a personal appearance at his company’s customer appreciation event on January 3.

We all had the pleasure of sipping the famous chardonnay while listening to Grupo di Betico and Jeon doing their thing in the Divino NV warehouse, and we all agreed: Enjoy your life, because you only have one; today, you’re here, and tomorrow, who knows (loosely translated from the Papiamento version of the lyrics).


Renaissance Pagara

The famous 6-million-shot Renaissance pagara went off at 1 pm, snaking its way from the Renaissance Marketplace over the downtown bridge to Renaissance Mall. There were hundreds of people to witness the explosions and experience the ambiance at that magical moment, escorting the old year out.

The noisy succession of smoky shells, erupting one after the other, culminated in a gigantic bang, all in the hope of driving evil spirits away, ushering in prosperity and good luck.

A number of Dande bands materialized in perfect timing. Dande is a uniquely Aruban tradition, with a band singing just one special song in Papiamento, and playing typical string and percussion instruments. With its telltale chorus of “An-i-nobe,” the song declares that a new year is here—let’s share goodness and cordiality; let’s protect our kids and our community, our culture and our environment; and let’s bless each member of the crowd by name, inspiring peace, joy, optimism, wealth, and health.

With the lighting of the Renaissance pagara by General Manasger Paul Gielen, the timeworn tradition lives on.


New Year’s Eve, December 31, at the Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino

A traditional Dande band sauntered into the lobby at 11:30 am, wishing guests and staffers “Ay-nobe,” which is the local was of saying “Happy New Year.”

Then the lobby emptied into the driveway to watch the executive committee members unbox and unfurl long strings of traffic-stopping firecrackers. When the red, made-in-China shells were all laid out on the sidewalk along the main entrance, General Manager Vasco Baselli was honored to light the fuse and step back, allowing many millions of shots to pop and dance in celebration of the transition from the old year to the new year.

Onlookers had their cameras focused on the spectacle, as the smoke said to bring good luck engulfed the street for a moment—out with the old, in with the new! The thunderous performance escorted 2019 out while also warmly welcoming 2020 in.

In most Aruban homes, good luck for the coming year is believed to be within reach if certain rituals and traditions are properly followed on New Year’s Eve, and the pagara is just one of them.

The Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino’s pagara culminated in a gigantic bang.

The resort also orchestrated a firework show at midnight, off Palm Beach, enjoyed by guests attending the memorable tropical New Year’s Eve Grand Fiesta unfolding on the pool deck of the resort, delivering six hours of non-stop poolside partying.


RIU Hotels & Resorts in Aruba Ends 2019 with a Bang

RIU Hotels & Resorts in Aruba welcomed 2020 with staffers and guests on the 31st with a pagara of one million firecrackers. By foregoing their usual costlier pagara of six million firecrackers, the hotels were able to dedicate the rest of the budget to a special donation to animal rescue foundations on the island.

RIU Hotels & Resorts in Aruba opted to maintain the local Aruban tradition and do some good community work at the same time.

The donation was earmarked for Sgt. Pepper’s Friends and Luna Foundation, both working tirelessly to create awareness, take care of street dogs and cats, and find new homes for their rescues. Happy New Year and best wishes for 2020!