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De Palm Tours Proudly Supports the Aruba Donkey Sanctuary

The Aruba Donkey Sanctuary is a foundation supported entirely by donations and managed through the hard work of selfless volunteers to benefit Aruba’s donkey population. The Aruban donkeys date back 500 years, when Spaniards, who used them for transportation and as beasts of burden, brought the animals here. Today, around 200 donkeys live in Aruba, with about half residing at the sanctuary.

De Palm Tours has been a long-standing supporter of the Aruba Donkey Sanctuary, and recently presented the foundation with a check for Afl. 6,000, collected during a special flea market held to raise funds for the donkeys.

Make a visit to the sanctuary—admission is free but donations are much appreciated. For more information about the Aruba Donkey Sanctuary, visit their website.

Aruba Donkey Sanctuary receiving a check from De Palm Tours Aruba