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Dolphins Make Appearance at Popular Snorkel Spot on Aruba

Yesterday, two dolphins were spotted in the Boca Catalina snorkeling area. Miranka van Breugel, a marine biologist and co-founder of Fins & Feet Nature Tours caught this moment with her underwater camera.  She shared the experience with us:

“The dolphins were first spotted by Adolfo Garrido on the Mi Dushi, after which he called us to come over and help out (he knows I’m a marine biologist and he’s my boyfriend’s uncle). When we arrived there were two tourists (a Canadian couple) in the water, helping the adult female to stay afloat with a life jacket from the Mi Dushi. It was clear that the younger dolphin was trying to nudge the other one to get going. She kept swimming around us while wagging her tail, and kept whistling.

Adolfo had also called the Aruba Marine Mammal Foundation, and two people (including Giolina herself) arrived some time later. Unfortunately, there was not much we could do, except to help the female to stay afloat (so she could breathe) for as long as we could and make sure they were not disturbed while resting. Everyone who came by to have a look was very respectful and just enjoyed having the dolphins around without touching them or messing with them in any other way. It was an incredible experience to be so up close and we hope that they found their pod again at sundown.

We shot the video with the camera of our business, which is called Fins & Feet Nature Tours. My boyfriend and I opened this business very recently, and started operations in the last week of October this year. We provide private, eco-friendly nature experiences, which are all about the “leave no trace” principle. We do not drive a motorboat in nature (we only hike and snorkel), provide reef-safe sunblock to our guests, and bring fresh local fruits and other non-plastic-packaged items for snacks.”

For more information about this eco-minded tour company, visit their website here.