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Flamingo Lingo—Now You’re Speaking My Language!

Flamingo photos provided by Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino

If you follow any Aruba-related accounts or hashtags on Instagram, it’s highly likely that you’ve been encountering an increasing number of photos that feature the beautiful, elegant flamingos of Renaissance Island on Flamingo Beach. Adding a pop of pink to the azure seascape, these gorgeous creatures—together with the swaying palms, pure-white sand, crystal-clear waters, and sunny skies—help create the quintessential Caribbean ambiance on Aruba.

Flamingo Island Aruba

With the flamingo entering the lexicon of Aruba symbolism, it’s being embraced by island guests as a way to remind them of the island, which for so many is their home away from home. And now, Kay’s Fine Jewelry proudly offers the gorgeous Flamingo Lingo bracelet, made with three beads of Murano glass, as a stunning way to remember your time in Aruba. As a special touch, the outer beads have Aruban sand perfectly encased inside.

Flamingo Lingo bracelet

The Flamingo Lingo bracelet is a great reminder of the island for yet another reason, namely, that the flamingo itself traditionally symbolizes fun and relaxation, which are more or less synonymous with Aruba! The flamingo also symbolizes the throwing out of negative thoughts and inviting in more positive, happy thoughts—something that the One Happy Island has become famous for embracing!

The Flamingo Lingo bracelet features a silver, adjustable chain, three Murano beads, and a flamingo charm. Shop now to take advantage of this When in Aruba offer for $99 at

Flamingo Beach Aruba