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Get Your “Prescription” Filled at the Apotheek

By Rona Coster

At the former location of Garufa on Wilhelminastraat, a new bar is now open and in full swing with mixologists Maki Wiggins and Marksonn Maduro playing the pharmacists in the Apotheek.

You must admit, Apotheek is a very cute name for a bar offering prescriptions for Remedies, Herbal Concoctions, Painkillers, Elixirs, and Dr.’s Orders.

How does it work? Patrons are invited to pluck an Rx—basically, their drink recipe—off the wall and hand it to the bartender.

Apotheek Aruba cocktail bar

From what I’ve seen, the two handsome entrepreneurs turned craft-cocktail makers scoured bar books from around the globe for original libations and are now making them, no corners cut, for a crowd of mostly single, gorgeous women. I wonder why? Maybe because M & M are so easy to look at. Or because their cocktails are delish?

Apotheek Aruba cocktail bar
Apotheek Aruba cocktail bar

We tried an Rx called Dr. on Duty: 2 oz. of bourbon, muddled orange slices, muddled blackberries, and ginger ale. Add rocks, muddle, stir, strain, garnish with orange peel and blackberry. Tada! Pharmacist Maki Wiggins says the recommended dosage is one every 30 minutes, and he does not want me to drive or operate heavy machinery while taking his remedy.

Apotheek Aruba cocktail bar

He also advises to respect the prescriptions and adds that the Apotheek is not responsible for clients’ hallucinations. Smart move.

Apotheek Remedy Cocktail Bar, Wilhelminastraat 63, Oranjestad, Aruba.

Phone: +297-730-0801