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Go Vegan at Hadicurari

An increasing number of island restaurants are offering plant-based options, and Hadicurari is proud to be one of them.

This beachside seafood and steak restaurant is located in front of the iconic Hadicurari Pier—a popular spot for local fishermen. Recognizing the global vegan movement and an increased desire for plant-based dishes, Hadicurari added a vegan menu offering two appetizers, a soup, two entrées, and a dessert. A deceptively rich vegan mozzarella is the foundation for the restaurant’s Caprese, while a sweet and tangy hoisin veganaise adds Asian flavors to the Soy Fish Tempura. To create the Catch of the Day, the chef employs the Soy Fish Tempura, wrapping it in seaweed and topping it with a traditional local creole sauce. The Fried Scallops derive their scallop-like texture from a base of yam and are served with teriyaki vegetables. For dessert, the Chilled Cantaloupe Soup satisfies the sweet tooth with a delightful cinnamon ice cream made from almond milk.

Fish Tempura
Catch of the Day
Fried Scallops