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GOA announces Aruba’s Border Opening


The MinPres and the MinTour shared the limelight in announcing the border will open gradually. She reassured us it was the right time (we haven’t had a positive case in over a month) and we can face the future with optimism and courage.

From June 15: Flights from Bonaire and Curaçao are welcome.

From July 1: Flights from Europe, Canada, and the Caribbean, except the Dominican Republic and Haiti, are welcome.

From July 10: USA carriers may resume their flight schedules.

There is no opening date yet for Central and South America.

Entry Requirements Prior to Boarding:

A special website is being built to contain all info, and you will find an online ED card there, which is mandatory.

Please note that the site is still under construction

The ED card includes:

A form with questions to fill and a declaration regarding your own general health.

Obligatory COVID insurance. That new insurance would cover costs of quarantine/isolation accommodation and medical care if and when required. The island of Aruba will have that insurance available for an estimated cost of $15 per day.

Locals are covered by AZV, the national insurance policy

You may upload your negative COVID19 PCR test results, of tests taken within 72 hours of travel OR you may pay for testing upon arrival on Aruba.

Testing prior to travel are encouraged. Tests are required for all passengers 12 years and older.

Face masks or shields are required during flight.

Reina Beatrix, Port of Entry Aruba Airport:

100% thermal camera screening, upon arrival

Formal symptom screening which includes a rapid PCR test which is mandatory for all who DIDN’T upload their negative test result via the ED card, prior to travel. Tests are required for all passengers 12 years and older.

Symptom-free visitors MUST await their test results for 24 hours in quarantine at their hotel.

Visitors with symptoms get a 1-hour test. If positive they will be checked into a designated isolation hotel property. If medical attention is required, they will be hospitalized.

Positive test results after 24 hours at hotel:

Visitors who tested positive for CoVid19, must check out of their hotels and isolate in a designated hotel property.

Travel companions will also be quarantined in the designated hotel property.

Local Residents:

Residents are also required to take a test prior to their return or at arrival.

If a resident refuses to take the test, a 14-day quarantine is required.

GOA does not encourage travel to affected countries.

Aruba Health & Happiness Code:

The HH code continues to sign up all business sectors on the island to comply with new hygiene and sanitation norms, the next sectors to register, and apply for the gold seal: Tour Operators and Water Sports, Casinos, and Spas.