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Harbour House Inaugurates Impact Hub Candidate Aruba

What’s an Impact Hub? You could liken it to an incubator, a warm and fuzzy type of business location that functions like an office, fully and comfortably furnished, designed to welcome young entrepreneurs with no place to lay their laptop, yet.

You consider yourself an entrepreneur? A start up innovator? You have no place to plug in your electronics and/or talk to people? Join the hub,  set up shop, every day, or twice a week, or whatever suits you, at an affordable cost!

Last week, the Minister of Economic Affairs, Communications and Sustainable Development, Geoffrey Wever, in the company of Monica Kock (President of the Aruba Chamber of Commerce) and in collaboration with the Pering Group’s Alberto Perret Gentil, and Ruth Bonnevalle-Kok of University of Aruba, inaugurated a lovely co-working facility by cutting the red ribbon and announcing its availability.

According to co-founder and general manager Mary-Ann Falconi-Rasmijn, with the opening of the Impact Hub our entrepreneurial and business community experienced a game-changing move toward accelerated growth and sustainability.

FYI: Impact Hub is a fast-growing global network of entrepreneurs and innovators with more than 24.000 members in 107 hubs across 63 countries.

Harbour House Aruba
Harbour House Aruba