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Isla Vibes Aruba…Everything Except Water!

The stylish store at the Alhambra Mall was recently updated and restocked with fresh merchandise, carrying the exclusive Hurley surf brand from southern California. The store first opened a few weeks into 2020, and was obliged to shut down soon after opening day. It is now back in operation, celebrating its official opening as a proud member of the De Wit & Van Dorp family of stores.

Isla Vibes carries the entire Hurley collection, including clothing, surf and swimwear for men, women, boys, and girls, with frequent new arrivals every season. The store also carries a wide variety of shorts to wear in and out of the water, including surf shorts, swim trunks, board shorts, and everyday walking shorts . Their long-pants selection includes fleece pants and pigment tie-dyed pants.  Collections of sweatshirts and sweatpants, rash guards, long- and short-sleeve tees in an abundance of solid and print designs, Hawaiian-inspired button-down shirts, tank tops, beanies, hats, bags, and backpacks are also stocked.

For women, the swimwear collection includes many attractive styles–from moderate to cheeky–in all sizes and colors. Women’s clothing and accessories like tees, tanks, strappy and tube tops (made from terry, fleece and tie-dye cotton) rompers, jumpsuits, lunar sandals, and beach umbrellas are stocked as well.

The boys’ selections (size 6 to 16) offers entire wardrobes for in and out of water, with many best-sellers and trendy favorites among teen and pre-teen shoppers.

Open from Monday-Saturday 11:00am-7:00pm with personable and accommodating service.

The always reasonably-priced Hurley brand was born from water, designed in Huntington Beach, southern California. It has been a popular selling brand since 1999. The Hurley signature style expresses the voice of the young generation, wishing to dress comfortably, in an individual, casual style, reflecting the fashions worn by the world’s best musicians, surfers, and skateboarders, as part of a global youth culture, rooted deeply in beach lifestyle—ideal for Aruba.

The store has a loyalty card which accumulates points with every purchase. The points may be used as cash credit towards the next purchase, at all points of sale. Gift cards available.