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It’s All About the Circle of Love…

By Debbie Kunder

It’s 2019! Another year, another beginning. Many of us will feel obligated to set new goals for ourselves or brainstorm a list of New Year’s resolutions. But perhaps this year could be different. Perhaps instead of vowing to lose weight, hit the gym, look at your phone less, and run a marathon, you could decide to focus on one single thing in 2019—love! Yes, it’s as easy as that. And yet, the act of loving—whether loving yourself, your family, your friends, or a partner—leads to so many other wonderful things, including all those goals you want to accomplish in 2019! Yes, it all starts with love…

On January 1, Kay’s Fine Jewelry launched the Circle of Love Pendant, which perfectly symbolizes the love you hope to give and receive in 2019. The circle is an ideal representation of love, for true love—like a circle—has no beginning and no end. By gifting the Circle of Love Pendant to a loved one, even yourself, you can celebrate the beautiful notion that all you really need in 2019 is love!

Kay's Fine Jewelry Aruba Circle of Love
Aruba jewelry

Kay’s Circle of Love Pendants feature exquisite diamonds, classically representing everlasting love. The pendants start at $599 (0.5 ct), with the best seller priced at $1099 (1 ct). Kay’s also offers pendants of 2 cts, 3 cts, and 5 cts, as well as custom items up to 7 cts.

Kay's Fine Jewelry Aruba
Aruba jewelry

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From the Kay’s Fine Jewelry Family, Happy 2019, the Year of Love!