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Local Private Initiative Eases Travel for US Visitors

Navigating the current Covid crisis requires adaptability to a situation that is in a constant state of flux, especially for travelers.  Aruba’s safety protocols are in place to keep both visitors and those living on the island safe.  The travel regulations and specific testing requirements issued by the government of Aruba can be daunting to travelers, prompting local company Bats Media & Consulting to develop the website

Now fully operational, the website easily navigates users through its guide to locate rapid testing sites in the traveler’s particular area. Merely type in your state of residence, and with a click, a list of places that administer the COVID-19 PCR Rapid Test within the 72-hour window will be shown.

covid testing for aruba

Julien de Bats, the company’s founder and developer of the website, describes how he started noticing several comments from people on social media expressing their frustration while searching for a rapid test site close to where they live in the United States. This was typically the only hurdle between them and a much-wanted vacation on Aruba. Since there was not a website that compiled all the pertinent information, it would often take hours to find the right testing location, with the clock ticking to submit their results ahead of boarding the plane. “A lot of people chose not to book to Aruba because they could not find a location to rapid test; we wanted to make it easier for them and increase tourism on the island,” said de Bats.

Making the site user-friendly was key. The list consists of hospitals and labs from all over the United States, including many locations of well-known drugstore chains like Walgreens and CVS. The included establishments offer rapid tests with results available between 24 and 72 hours, depending on the location.

In addition to the independent verification, the website is interactive, allowing users to report places that do not deliver results as promised and confirming those that do.  In addition to the locations certified by the site, users are encouraged to add any testing sites they come across in their area to help grow the number of options for other users.

Once a testing site has been selected,  a user can call the facility directly from the site or navigate to the facility’s website for further testing information.

Bats Media & Consulting encourages everyone to share this website link with relatives,  friends, and fellow Aruba fans to use as a tool in arranging an upcoming trip and towards an easy and pleasant arrival on the One Happy Island.