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Money Matters in Aruba

Making Purchases & Aruba Exchange Rate

  • US dollars are widely accepted, although some shops will not accept $50 bills or $100 bills due to worldwide counterfeiting.
  • All major credit cards and traveler’s checks are accepted. Personal checks from abroad are not accepted.
  • The exchange rate for US dollars is Afl 1.77 for cash and Afl 1.78 for traveler’s checks. (Afl 1.75 at supermarkets and gas stations; Afl 1.80 at shops and restaurants.)
  • Useful Tip: When prices are only given in florins, you can make an approximate florin-to-US-dollar calculation by dividing the florin amount in half and adding 10%.


ATM Facilities

ATMs are conveniently located in the hotel areas and throughout the island, dispensing local currency and US dollars. The amount of cash per withdrawal varies by bank and by card issuer.



  • Room tax and service charge vary at each hotel, but you can expect an additional 19 – 22% added to the room bill.
  • A government tax (BBO) of 2.5% and Health Tax of 1% are either added to or included in the price of all goods and services.
  • There is a $3 Environmental Levy Fee added per room per night to the current room rate and charges. The revenue generated from this levy will be used to contribute to the advancement of green technology, environmental awareness, and sustainable practices in order to reach the government’s vision to transition 100% off fossil fuels by 2020.