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My Promise to Aruba Campaign Promotes Environmental & Cultural Awareness

The Aruba Tourism Authority recently relaunched an inspirational awareness campaign highlighting the importance of sustaining the island’s environment and heritage.  The My Promise to Aruba initiative encourages the island’s tourism-related partners as well as visitors to the island to act sustainably to dynamically contribute to Aruba’s efforts to preserve its environment, wildlife, and cultural heritage.

The campaign spotlights colorful visuals in hotel rooms and bus shelters in the hotel areas, magazine ads, inclusion on island maps, and television spots, as well as an updated website where individuals can make their promise and download a certificate affirming this promise, which can then be shared.

*In the very near future, the ATA will be sending out the signed certificates directly once the commitment is made on

The backbone of the campaign is to create awareness of Aruba’s proactive sustainability mindset, encouraging everyone who loves Aruba to be mindful of their footprint and how their care of our environment and respect of our culture can positively impact the island for generations to come.

A similar campaign, Ban Serio Aruba, targets the local community with similar goals and values, with plans in 2022 to parallel the My Promise to Aruba campaign in the local Papiamento language.


sustainability on Aruba
sustainability on Aruba