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Share Stories and Love with Gifts from Aruba Aloe This Holiday Season

(Check out Aruba Aloe’s holiday specials below!)

For more than 125 years, Aruba Aloe has been keeping the Aruban tradition of aloe cultivation alive and well. The company is the oldest aloe company in the world, and its aloe is considered to be the finest on the planet. Indeed, Aruba Aloe is one of the island’s most cherished national treasures. To this day, the company still grows and harvests its own aloe in its verdant fields in Hato. The aloe leaves are cut by hand, and the gel is also extracted by hand, just like it was done by the aloe farmers in days past.

In essence, each product tells the story of these hardworking farmers from more than a century ago, the story of how Aruba became known as “The Island of Aloes,” and many other related stories. This rich history is contained in each and every product crafted by Aruba Aloe. Of course, the healing, nourishing power of 100% Aloe Vera Gel is also bottled in these products, and sharing them with family and friends is the perfect way to express one’s love and care. All of this is what makes Aruba Aloe’s products the perfect gifts during the holiday season. The holidays are for sharing—stories, love, and gifts—and Aruba Aloe has all that in one.

Shoppers can choose from Aruba Aloe’s wide range of body, hair, and sun care products to find the perfect fit for everyone on their gift list. Several lines are available, including the Classic Collection, Desert Bloom, and Island Remedy. Aruba’s new reef-safe mineral sunscreen is the perfect gift for those who love the water. Aruba Aloe’s creative soap line, offering handcrafted bar soaps, all-natural bath salts, exfoliating sugar scrubs, and bath bombs, also has something for everyone.

Speaking of soaps, Aruba Aloe has a nice promotion in its stores for the holiday season. Shoppers can choose one of Aruba Aloe’s handmade soaps and a holiday bag for only $10.72. Keep the Happy Holidays Bag for yourself, or give it as a gift!

Need another reason to do your holiday shopping at Aruba Aloe? Check out this special: the Trio Set, including Aruba Aloe’s Night Creme, All Day SPF 30, and Intensive Facial Treatment, for $125 (a value of $166) OR the Duo Set (choose your 2 favorites, excluding All Day SPF 30) for $87 (save up to $15).

This holiday season, Aruba Aloe invites shoppers to enjoy their holiday shopping at any of its 16 retail stores across the island, all festively decorated to put shoppers into that merry holiday spirit. The Aruba Aloe family also wishes the entire community a healthy, happy, and safe holiday season.