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The 4th Annual Long Table Aruba Hosted by Wind Creek Aruba Returns to Aruba

After two long years, the 4th Annual Long Table Aruba hosted by Wind Creek Aruba returns to the island for a one-night, white-hot dinner that’s billed as “The only meal worth $40,000 for Aruba.” This year’s event is slated for Sunday, August 28 and will feature the beloved 1,000-foot-long table setting for 1,000 guests located outside Renaissance Wind Creek Aruba Resort in downtown Oranjestad, overlooking the marina. Tickets are $40 and go on sale June 15. Since its inception in 2017, Long Table Aruba has raised more than $75,000 for Aruba-based charities and is the marquee giving event for Wind Creek operations in Aruba. This year’s event also marks the fifth anniversary of the Wind Creek Hospitality acquisition of Renaissance Aruba. To celebrate the milestone, Wind Creek Hospitality will award one local charity $40,000 – a sum greater than all previous Long Table Aruba event donations. “Our properties across the globe are committed to weaving ourselves into the fabric of the communities where we live and operate,” said Wind Creek Aruba General Manager Paul Gielen. “Events like Long Table Aruba offer hospitality in the best sense – a chance for community members to engage and embrace each other, all while encouraging the supportive spirit of what makes this island more than home to many of us.”

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This year’s event will feature a community-driven process for deciding which organization will benefit from the event’s proceeds, to be announced at a later date. Community impact and disaster relief is a tenet of Wind Creek Aruba property operations. Since arriving to the island, Wind Creek Aruba has raised funds through their on-site hallmark events, Long Table Aruba and Winter Wonderland, in addition to providing in-kind hospitality and food donations year-round to organizations in need of disaster relief. Gielen continued, “The last two years have brought hardships, and hope, to this island. We want to hear from organizations directly about what they need, how we can help make an impact and how we can use community-based insights to evolve our giving program. We’re looking forward to sharing those details soon, and to seeing the Long Table return for a memorable night.”