Rona Coster

Rona Coster, a longtime resident of Aruba, is an online columnist, a radio personality, and a PR diva. She is the managing director of Marketing Plus NV, a well-established PR firm servicing clients in hospitality; the PR & Special Project Director of Island Temptations magazine; and the co-publisher of Aruba to the Beach & Beyond magazine.

Winner of the CTO Worldwide Travel Writer/Photographer Award and nominated for the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Aruba Hotel & Tourism Association in 2018, she enjoys writing and sharing her findings with Aruba-lovers from all over the globe.

She lives on Malmok and LOVES her garden, her dogs—all four four-legged friends are adopted strays—and her good-looking son, David Coster, a hospitality executive. Eatin’ and drinkin’ go without saying. Friends? The more the merrier.

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