About Kukoo Kunuku Party Bus

Kukoo Kunuku is where the FUN never sets! During the day you can see the Kukoo Kunuku cruising city streets and wandering down country roads on its island tour.  Every evening, we celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, honeymoons, and the end to many a lazy day in paradise with three special tours: our original Dinner & Nightlife Tour, our Pub Krawl, and our Wine on Down the Road Tour. We can also create custom tours for groups of 10 people or more.  Hop aboard the Kukoo Kunuku for an experience like no other.  Don’t miss the bus!


A private tour on the Kukoo Kununu party bus makes for a super fun wedding festivity sure to delight your family and friends.  Celebrate your nuptials in Kukoo Kunuku style!

PHONE: +297-586-2010 / US: 305-290-7423

EMAIL: [email protected]

ADDRESS: Noord #128P, Aruba

Don't Miss the Bus!


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