About L'aquila Residences

“If a building becomes architecture, then it is art.”

A beautiful apartment building, L’aquila Residences, is under construction on Eagle Beach by developers who obviously care about the aesthetics of the architecture, inspired by the wings of an eagle—indeed, L’aquila means “eagle” in Italian.

The architectural renderings have already won international recognition for sustainability and innovations.

L’aquila Residences is a modernistic seven-story building, with clean, symmetric lines hugged by a honeycomb fence, in both textured and smooth surfaces. The building in turn hugs a pool shaped like a stealth aircraft or a bird, and between the energy-conserving ICF construction and the solar panels, the building represents the latest technologies.

“I am aiming at leaving a lasting architectural impression,” the developer says.

You can find more information about the project at the L’aquila office building in Eagle, on Schotlandstraat.

“L’aquila Residences is an innovative project whose design was conceived under the scheme of a residential building that marks a before and after in the history of Aruba.”

Office ​Address: Schotlandstraat 37, Oranjestad, Aruba

Email: [email protected]

“If a building becomes architecture, then it is art.”

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