About Loretti Design Studio

“Working as a designer is a privilege. It is a lifestyle, a way to observe the world, a way to interact and share with others.”   -Deborah de Weerd

The Loretti Design Studio in Aruba is a personal place, a place to create and to develop. Each product is made by hand and developed into a unique design. Curator of the studio and artist Deborah de Weerd, with a background in textile design, is inspired by her passion for color and eye for detail. Using an eclectic variety of materials, she continuously explores to create unique designs, presenting her work under the name Loretti Design. The landscapes, textures, and light impressions found in Aruba influence her sculptural work.

HOURS: Call for an appointment to visit the studio.

PHONE: +297-592-3502

ADDRESS: Paradera Park, Paradera 203, Aruba

Color & Light


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